Health & Safety Tips


1. Travel Insurance is highly recommended while travelling in India , Nepal & Bhutan.

02. Drink Mineral water ( Bottled ) , it is easily available in all places even in remote areas.

03. Deli Belyis quite famous – avoid to eat too oily & spicy food although it is quite tasty.

Have meals in good restaurants / recommended by us / Trip Advisor.

4. Tea ( CHAI ) , Coffee and soft drinks are quite safe.

5. Midways , tourist restaurants are expensive but have safe food to eat for tourists – check

the menu first before ordering anything.

6. Wash your hands frequently.


1. India is a very safe destination for travellers. Theft is not common but  you should bring luggage that you can lock. Keep your valuables close to your body.

2. Walking alone at night is ill-advised.

3. Substances that affect your judgment, such as alcohol or Bhang Lassi, leave you susceptible.

4. Female travellers will want to dress modestly. Bare shoulders and bare legs are generally unacceptable.

5. Although grass, hashish and opium are available, they are illegal, and penalties for use, trafficking and possession are harsh and strictly enforced. 

 6. If you've hired a car and driver, take photo of the license plate number and save it with your driver's full name & Mobile No. at least at arrival time.

7. Solo female travellers should not hesitate to leave their key at reception when they are going out. That way, someone at the hotel front desk knows that you've gone out. If you've made a decision to meet someone for dinner or sightseeing, have them come in to the lobby of the hotel and let them see you give your key to the man at the front desk. If they aren't comfortable coming in to the lobby, then you should not be comfortable going any place with them. If THEY aren't comfortable coming in to the lobby, then YOU should not be comfortable going any place with them.

8. If hot water is important to you, clarify your hotel's electricity schedule when you check in. And if you have a geyser (small hot water heater) in your bathroom, make sure you know how to turn it on before you dismiss the room waiter who escorted you to your room ( Small Guest & in economic Hotels)

9. While you're at it, check to see if you have toilet paper, towels and a top sheet before you let him go in case of small guest house / hotel.

10. Always use the bathroom. Meaning, whenever you see a reasonable restroom, use it whether you need to go or not. (Known also as "preemptive peeing".) You never know when the next good opportunity might come along. All the "midways" (tourist complexes strategically placed along the main highways) in the Golden Triangle have decent restrooms. Don't be shy about asking your driver to find you a place to go. They understand that even tourists have bodily functions. But don't wait for him to suggest a bathroom break; guys can pee anywhere, and do.

11. On train travel – Report aat train station at least 30 minutes prior to train departure.

12. For domestic flights- Reporting time is 75 Minutes prior to flight departure

13. International flight, have to report 03 hours prior to flight departure.

14. In India , generally check-in & Check –out time is 12-00 Noon

15. Shopping , we do not recommend any place to shop , it is your decision to where and what to buy. Be careful about friends shop , company shop , Govt. Shop etc.... In India , mostly tourist shops ( where you will find your choice things) keepers bargain . In markets , it is hard to find the things you liked. The best way to be in 03 or 04 shops including Govt. Shops / Trip Advisor recommended shop / Private shop and compare the quality &price then only buy.

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