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Create a rough itinerary that includes the must-see attractions and activities in your chosen destination. Balance your schedule to allow for relaxation and exploration.

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While planning is crucial, be open to unexpected opportunities and changes in your itinerary. Sometimes the best experiences happen when you go with the flow.

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From North to South, East to West, India Awaits Your Discovery

From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in the north to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala in the south, and from the bustling metropolises of Mumbai and Delhi to the serene temples of Varanasi, India is a land of boundless diversity and cultural richness


The Heart Of Crabtree Travel Lies In Its Customer-Centric Approach

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India is a land of boundless diversity and cultural richness. Each region tells a different story, and every corner reveals a unique facet of this captivating country.


What our happy clients say

Chris C
Chris C
Our experience was everything that we wished for. A big thank you to Mr Hari and our driver. Due to Covid this long time planned trip had been delayed so we were very excited to finally get to visit India and we were not disappointed at all. We were met at the airport on our arrival by Mr Hari Mangal and escorted to our first hotel - The Tree of Life where we were made most welcome. Mr Hari gave us all the vouchers we required for the various hotels, internal flight and the toy train down from Shimla. Next morning we were collected by our nominated driver who stayed with us for the duration of the trip. Special mention has to be made of Sonu?(that's how we came to know him) who was absolutely brilliant at all times, never once did I feel uncomfortable despite some difficult driving conditions. He remained calm and professional at all times. We were in a new and very comfortable Toyota MUV. The whole holiday went very smoothly and the hotels were good, clean and comfortable. We tended to eat in the hotels and all were good. For all the major places we visited, the Golden Triangle + Amritsar we were provided with guides who were all very good and knowledgeable and gave us lots of historical facts. All the main attractions were as expected incredible. The Taj Mahal and Red Fort, Agra. The Amber Fort, Jaipur and the Golden Temple, Amritsar. However, on top of that there were some other special moments. The Jantar Mantar an astronomical observatory in Jaipur. The evening India/Pakistan border closing near Amritsar and Shimla and the toy Train.
john m
john m
A wonderful country well worth a visit. Unforgettable. The holiday was an unforgettable experience. Hard work for me in my 70s but made so much easier by CIT. the organisation was first class. Good hotels and the journey made comfortable by great transport and a wonderful driver as well as the guides. Highly recommend India and especially CIT.
Mike J
Mike J
Perfectly arranged Golden Triangle family holiday We have had the family holiday of a life visiting the Golden Triangle plus Ranthambore. I chose Hari Mangal and Crabtree India Travels because the itinerary he put together perfectly matched what we asked for, was a fair price and included all travel, guides and entrance to monuments / museums etc. The itinerary hit the mark from the beginning but any tweaks or changes were catered for. We decided to go at a slower pace to allow us to relax and enjoy the hotels as well as see all the sights. The guides have been excellent and Hukam, our driver, has been with us from beginning to end providing an excellent service. The lunchtime restaurants suggested by the guides have been excellent and when we have said we don’t want to go to shops we have been listened to and it has been fine. We have been planning this holiday for some time and Hari Mangal has kept in touch constantly and been available to answer questions and give advice. We recommend Crabtree India Travels without hesitation. Feel free to message me with any questions.
Imprescindível o acompanhamento dos guias na Índia Tivemos o acompanhamento de motorista e guias muito cordiais e dedicados. Recomendo fortemente a utilização de seus serviços para conhecer os principais pontos turísticos da Índia.
Abishek J
Abishek J
Daniela V
Daniela V
Agencia de viagens correta, bom preço e ótimo serviço. Foi maravilhoso. Viajamos por varias cidades e tudo foi perfeito. Motorista excelente!! Correto, simpatico e fez toda diferença. Indico de olhos fechados.
Amazing Triangulo Dourado Encontrei o contacto do Hari Mangal num blog de viagens. Decidi contactar e pedir orçamento para a minha primeira viagem à Índia. contactei também outras empresas de turismo, mas o Hari sempre foi o mais claro e rápido a responder e por isso decidi marcar o nosso tour ao triângulo dourado com a crabtree India Travel. Hoje terminou a minha aventura na India e não posso deixar de agradecer a viagem que me proporcionaram. O nosso motorista Hukam, acompanhou nos toda a semana. Sempre super disponível. quando eu pedi um desvio no percurso Deli/Jaipur, que o levou a ter de ir pela estrada nacional, o Hukam não disse que não e fez de tudo para que conseguíssemos ir visitar Matura. Levou nos a jantar a restaurantes da nossa escolha, ainda que isso implicasse trabalhar 12 horas por dia. Motorista e conselheiro cinco estrelas! Os diferentes guias que nos acompanharam em todas as cidades que visitamos foram muito profissionais e preocupados em explicar a história dos monumentos. Hari sempre disponível e em contacto para assegurar que tudo corria bem. Umas excelentes férias que tive! Obrigada Crabtree Índia Tours.
Rodrigo Zolio
Rodrigo Zolio
Uma experiência incrível Consegui entre as reuniões e eventos visitar lugares surpreendentes, guiado por ótimas pessoas, que lugar surprendente.
Mrs Moonesswaree Awotar
Mrs Moonesswaree Awotar
Memorable visit Boat ride in Vanarasi n watching Aarti from boat. Visits of Haridwar, Vanarasi and Delhi were very well organized. Myself, 76 yrs old, and my daughter in law, 63 years old had a very comfortable and relaxing trip. I recommend trip organizer to anybody likely to visit India.
India trip Excellent service travelled with them 3rd time will always organise our tours to India with Hari Bhaiya hotels provided well good too he always give the family touch to our tours great experience Driver provided was good too thanks again for all the service you provide us with looking forward to travelling with your organised tour again
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India offers a rich tapestry of experiences and attractions for travelers.Adventure Tourism,Wildlife and Safari Tours and many more.

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Emphasize your knowledge of wildlife safaris, conservation efforts, and animal encounters in diverse ecosystems.

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Emphasize your expertise in organizing adrenaline-pumping adventures in Himalayan Treks and Western Ghats

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India is not just a feast for the senses; it's also a land of contrasts. Here, you can witness the juxtaposition of modernity and tradition, with tech hubs coexisting with rural villages where time seems to stand still.

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